Leading abstract artists from around the world

Crea8ted is a collection of artists who come from different countries and backgrounds who are expressing themselves in ways that reflect meaning and understanding of this life we have for so few years


Christian Hetzel

The works reflect Christians attitude of life and of painting ‘less is more’. In times of overload of visual impressions, he sends the viewer on a journey of discovery across the painting surface and sensitive him for the few and less in colour, structures, cracks and texture.

Christian is based in Esslingen, Germany.

Akihito Takuma

Akihito Takuma was born in Kumamoto, Japan and attended Siga University of Education and Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid.

Akihito is based in Tokyo, Japan


My work is a visual representation of an emotional response to all of the things I experience on any ordinary day

Gina is based in Northern VA, VA, United States

Kitty Sabatier

Kitty’s personal work is oriented towards graphic abstraction around the layout. The practice of calligraphy and drawing is at the origin of her fascination for the line in all its forms..

Kitty is based in Toulouse, France.


”Started painting 30 years ago, after 8 years of experimenting with mediums and approaches discovered that scratching the surface of the paint before it dries gave a way to express himself in a unique and uncompromising way .“

Lally is based 30 km south west of Paris.

“Great art picks up where nature ends.”

Marc Chagall