Currently I don’t think I am part of any art world, besides a few occasions in the 90’s I have not exhibited publicly and have not promoted any of my art.

Although I have been painting for more than 30 years, I have only since the beginning of 2020 considered selling my work at all.

I am very critical of myself, and the dilemma of what my art is worth, which is something I have spent most of my life either avoiding or spending too much time attempting to express.

That is a difficult question to answer, as there are too many to mention. But currently, all the other artists associated with Crea8ted are great artists and prove there are some really great artists at work today.

I began at a young age loving, like most people the renaissance artists mainly Caravaggio and Raphael.

My love of Rembrandt, Durer and Holbein came later, towards my early twenties I moved towards Giacometti, Klee, Richter along with artist such as Ben Nicholson and William Scott. If I was put on the spot evidence would say Giacometti is one of the artists I have admired most, as I have posters of his works on my studio wall.

I cannot say for the fun of doing it or even the spoils. The creative process for me is rarely enjoyable in the sense that it is something I feel the need to do rather than something I am doing for enjoyment.

Each of my paintings is a challenge followed by a doubt filled struggle with only an outside chance that it would have been worth it at the end. But, when it does work, on a personal level it is far more rewarding than most things life offers.


What is under the surface.

Like most artists I wanted to find a style. It took around 6 years between 92/98, I copied many artists, Buffet, Bellini and large Pollock’s were my memorable favorites, and must have painted then destroyed over 1000 paintings (there is a huge amount of regret for 3 paintings, the rest were best suited in the local dump) on this journey.

But it was around 98 that I started to question everything, and it appeared that nothing was as it seemed. It’s not that I believed that everything is not as we perceive, it had now become a certainty. Not just what we are told or led to believe, but everything from are we who we are to the reality that surrounds us.

Ever since then I have, as much as I have tried not to, found that scratching at the surface of a painted surface somehow helps me express this.

I have favorites, and strangely not just the most challenging.

2 Recent favorites are:

Self Portrait as a Child and Twelfth Century Technology

Both these paintings make me smile (which to me is a good thing), I really do not want to explain them here, but more than willing to chat with anybody who wants to discuss them.

The Million Series

1 million scratches on 3 large boards that reveal the figure of 1000000

These three paintings or glorified price tags, purposely made disagreeable, which took 4 years to complete, very nearly finished me. Once I completed them I did not paint again properly for 10 years. The reason I believe for that, is that the paintings are about greed, personally greed and the greed of who ever would buy and display them. Looking back now I see them as kind of punishment for trying to sell out, ironically, without every trying to sell them.

A Marriage (2000)  and Chrysalis (2002)

These two I think are really good paintings that helped me realise I had some talent (Marriage more so I think), as is normally the case, I did not rally think much of them to begin with, then they grew on me. I aim to do a series of paintings by merging the two styles eventually, if I find the time.