Who's cross now?

We are finally there and I think it is a good time to share this with you. It is something I painted a little while back that I hope you won’t take personally.

Who’s Cross Now, like The Million Series, is different to my usual abstract works, and thankfully finished in less than 15 years. You could be forgiven for thinking I knocked this up one morning, hungover after reading a discarded copy of the Daily Mail. But no, this was planned, sketched and painted a number of times before I got it ‘right’.

This painting did not come about because of Brexit, it came about because of the popularism (both on the left and right) that has recently taken a grip of the UK. A very British populism that was sparked by wealthy elites and liberal socialists, cramming everybody’s heads with their ideals and false promises, with no serious middle ground to help support reason and common sense.

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